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Girl goes Cy Young and obliterates Mike Pence’s head with water balloon


Children are our future.

This all seems fair. It appears this march, or parade, or whatever was intended to be a water event because dozens of balloons are being thrown onto the street. I just don’t think Mike Pence thought he’d be clocked in the dome by a fastball like this.

Seriously, this takes a lot of skill. It’s surprisingly difficult to throw a water balloon with this much force AND accuracy at the same time. Grip too hard and it’ll pop in your hand, too loose and you’re getting no velocity. Also this was far from a gimme throw and she absolutely nailed it.

The adults around her seemed clearly in support of it. You can hear a man say “go,” clearly helping her line up the shot — before gleefully yelling “YOU GOT HIM IN THE HEAD!”

What an absolute champion. Keep an eye on her, MLB — because a future’s contract might be around the corner.