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Summer League player gets his nuts stomped into dust after dunker lands on them

This dunk was a real ball buster.

Nate Hinton of the Rockets had an amazing day on Sunday ... until he had his testicles stomped into oblivion following a dunk.

Hinton was on the floor laughing following a foul, while Ed Croswell of the Jazz casually dunked the ball. Croswell hung on the rim, before dropping ... right onto Hinton’s nuts. It’s difficult to see whether the Jazz player noticed Hinton was laying below him, or whether he called out of him to move — but either way, life comes at you fast.

It takes some of the shine off an incredible game when you take a shot to the beans like this. Hinton is trying to make his mark and earn a spot on the Rockets roster this season, and honestly, his Sunday against the Jazz might have gone a long way to making that a reality. He finished with 27 points, on 9-of-16 shooting, including 44 percent from beyond the arc.

Just a shame about his jewels though.