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The 11 best WWE theme songs of all time

Basic Thuganomics takes the top spot, but who comes in after that?

Wrestling: WWE Wrestlemania Night 1 Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

For a professional wrestler, the entrance is one of the most important parts of their entire gimmick. If a theme song is an automatic winner, it draws fans back into the wrestler, making them want to see the wrestler more. However, if a theme song kinda sucks, it’ll get really annoying really quick.

Some of the greatest wrestlers of all time have awesome theme songs, but who really has the best one of all time? Well, that’s why we’re here. We’re ranking the top ten WWF/WWE theme songs of all time, and we’ll throw in some others from outside the WWE that I really enjoy as well.

11. Pomp and Circumstance—Randy Savage

Look, I get it. It’s a classic from the 80’s, and I actually like this theme so much that I don’t even associate it with graduating from high school. The Macho Man made the theme with his entrance, and it’s the first one that gets mentioned.

10. The Rising Sun-Shinsuke Nakamura

This is the only theme song from the current era in the top ten, and for good reason.

This theme song ROCKS.

It doesn’t have any lyrics, but that doesn’t matter when the crowd sings along to the part where a chorus would be. The violins are extremely cool, and when Nakamura had a live artist playing the guitar and violin with him make it so much cooler.

9. Slow Chemical—Kane

The guitar goes INSANE on this, and it makes the song go even harder. The lyrics are cool, but honestly the beat kinda carries it into the top ten, which is absolutely fine.

8. Some Bodies Gonna Get It—Mark Henry

If you have Three Six Mafia on a wrestling theme song, it’s making the top ten I don’t care what you have to say.

Enjoy this live rendition of Mark Henry’s theme song on a random Smackdown in 2006:

7. Sexy Boy-Shawn Michaels

“I think I’m cute, I know I’m sexy/I got the looks, that drives the girls wild”

Come on, we can’t have a top ten WWE anything without Shawn Michaels, and this theme song was absolutely perfect for his character. This one also has lyrics which makes it a whole lot better, and when Shawn flexes on the stage ramp and the fireworks go off it’s perfect.

6. The Game—Triple H

Speaking of Triple H, coming in at number 6 is the best Triple H theme song of all time, “The Game”. Now for Triple H, I feel like depending on the generation you were born in will tell you which Triple H theme song they enjoy the most. I’m a 2000’s kid, so “The Game” will always be the theme song I associate with Triple H. Motorhead killed every theme they did, but for Triple H they SNAPPED.

It’s also a theme song that goes hard in the gym, but it just misses out on the top five to me. Still a great theme song.

5. Are You Ready—D-Generation X

“Are You Ready?”

This theme song also gets you extremely hyped, and when the breakdown happens and Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Road Dogg and Billy Gunn hit the “Suck It” chop it’s pretty freaking awesome. This song was the result of my many times getting in trouble as a kid, but it rounds out my top 5.

4. I Walk Alone—Batista


Batista’s theme song is a headbanger, and it fits the intense style of this iconic wrestler. The guitar goes hard as hell, and when Batista crouches and fireworks shoot off it gets me HYPED!

3. I Won’t Do What You Tell Me—Stone Cold Steve Austin

When that glass shatters, you know shit is about to go down.

Stone Cold gets the third spot on this list because this theme song goes hard as hell. Despite not having any lyrics (not counting the Disturbed version here), the [ace of the theme is frenetic and and it gets you hyped as hell to see what Stone Cold does next. Combine that with JR going “STONE COLD! STONE COLD!” and it’s an iconic theme.

2. Metalingus—Edge

“You think you know me”

The iconic opening line followed by an epic guitar riff is the beginning to WWE Hall of Famer Edge’s theme song, and it occupies the second spot on this list. It’s a top tier song to listen to in the gym, and it gets the blood flowing more than almost any other theme song in WWF/E history. Combine that with Edge’s pyro and you get a for sure top five theme song ever created.

1 . Basic Thuganomics—John Cena

The best theme songs are ones with lyrics that fans can either sing or repeat after the show is over, and John Cena’s ‘Basic Thuganomics’ takes first place. Cena can actually kinda rap, and there are a bunch of dope one-liners, like “new Deadman Inc, and we about to make you famous/taking over Earth and still kicking in Uranus,” and “never survive this, get forgot like Alzheimers/two-faced rappers, walk away with four shiners.”

Combine that with a beat that’s simple enough for people to follow and you have the best WWE theme song of all time.

Honorable mentions

Now, for honorable mentions. These are WWF or WWE theme songs that either don’t get used anymore or I just really like them. In addition, themes outside the WWE are in here as well.

Broken Dreams—Drew McIntyre

“Out of time, so say goodbye/what is yours, now is mine.” Man, I wish Drew McIntyre would bring this theme back fully. He used it at Clash at the Castle earlier in the year, but this is just a perfect theme song.

Written in My Face—Sheamus

If you know me, you know how I feel about Sheamus, specifically 2012 Sheamus. This theme song goes hard as hell, and it really fits the Celtic Warrior. Bring it back, PLEASE.

SOS—Kofi Kingston

Legendary theme song, back when Kofi Kingston was Jamaican.

Hadou—Hirooki Goto

Hirooki Goto is my favorite NJPW pro wrestler of all time, and his theme song absolutely rocks. It sounds like a warrior going to fight a battle, or something out of an anime, and I love it.

Shot ‘Em—Bullet Club

This is really a good theme song but it’s also my excuse to fire off the take that the AJ Styles era of the Bullet Club was the greatest era of the Bullet Club. Bar none.

Jane—Orange Cassidy

The best AEW Champion in their existence has to get a mention on here.

Break the Walls Down—Chris Jericho

This is Jericho’s best theme song—yes, I know about “Judas” and I’m here to tell you it doesn’t slap like that. The countdown combined with the guitar is super cool.


It’s the guitar, man. You can’t beat it.