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Wiz Khalifa threw out a first pitch high on shrooms and still did better than most celebrities

Turns out they’re a performance enhancing drug!

Taking shrooms knock most people on their butts for hours on end. For Wiz Khalifa they might be a performance enhancing drug. The Pittsburgh native was picked to throw out the first pitch for the Pirates on Monday, and he decided to add a layer of complexity to the proceedings by being high as hell.

Honestly, he did pretty dang well all things considering.

We know there were substances involved because he was absolutely not shy for a damn second about posting about his process of getting ready for the first pitch.

Is this the kind of influence we want on the kids? Don’t ask me, I’m not a cop. I write about sports. Why are you asking me? What I do know, is that while Wiz Khalifa’s mechanics weren’t perfect, and he didn’t exactly have a lot of velocity on the ball, he did still markedly better than most people who try and throw out a first pitch and fail.

For my money, 50 Cent still has the worst first pitch of all time — which means Wiz wins the rap battle.